About Steve

My passion for Photography was sparked when an now Ex-Girlfriend started a Photography course many years ago – I took her to some beautiful locations and we experimented with long exposures at the Goose Fare in Leicester and shooting reflections etc. in Cumbria – This inspired me to buy my own camera and I opted for a Canon 35mm with film, YES film lol.
On my first major outing I went to Warwick Castle, I had bought a package trip with a company called BUYAGIFT, they asked for a review and photos so I sent them my photos of the castle and  some birds of Prey. Imagine my surprise when the owner of the company got in touch and  asked if they could use the photos for their promotion. He asked how much it would cost so I simply asked for a token gift, so I now have a lifetime 10% voucher and he sent me loads of freebies which at the time was all I needed to make me push this more. Photography is not a hobby, it’s a passion, a very expensive passion at times, but passion all the same.
The years have since ticked by and several camera upgrades later, of course now it’s all digital, but my passion has never died, thanks to sites like Facebook and YouTube its easier than ever to get new audiences and people who love to see the latest images from my last trip – all of which makes it even more enjoyable.

I now have ventured into  Aerial Photography too with the amazing DJI Inspire1 drone, and that is simply amazing, being able to see the world from a totally new perspective. (check out the Aerial Photography Gallery)

I am always on the look out for something different and places that are hard to get to and are not common place, also I am fortunate enough to have been to Asia several times and that opened up many opportunities for my photography, both the people and the places are very photogenic.

Over the years my photos have been published in local magazines, newspapers and Horsey magazines from when I was doing the Horse Shows which was great fun.

I also like to do graphics design and 3D artwork using Daz Studio, Photoshop etc – I may post some of those when this site is finished 🙂


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